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The original purpose for the Boolean Tools, is as a self-learning tool.  If you are learning outside of a classroom setting, where you can't get direct feedback from your professor, then it helps to have lots of examples, to validate your understanding.
E.g. If a text book provides 3 examples of some Boolean function, and derives a form from each of those example functions, then you have 3 examples to validate against.  Sometimes, that isn't enough. 
You might have misunderstood the text.  And maybe you cannot reproduce the steps necessary to perform your own derivation from a function, that wasn't mentioned in the book.
So one purpose for the tools, is to derive certain types of expressions, from any form that you type in.  At odd moments, when you think have a 'eureka' insight about some point that wasn't clear, you can take your tablet, type in the form you have in mind, and validate that you have the right answer.