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November 26, 2018
The abuse of A.I. and bioengineering
Technology, and specifically human bioengineering, doesn't happen in a vacuum.  The outcomes largely depend on who is running the show.
"It sounds Orwellian.
Yuval Noah Harari:                          
"It's worse than Orwellian."
"If we just leave it to the Free Market, or we just leave it to an Arms Race, it guarantees the worse outcome... "
"...If you have an Arms Race, in these technologies, then it's very clear what kind of human abilities are going to be optimized. 
It will be things like Intelligence, things like Discipline.  Armies and Corporations and Governments, they want highly intelligent and highly disciplined soliders & workers & citizens. 
But other things, like compassion, like artistic appreciation, like spirituality, these are things that are not very high on the list of Armies & Corporations..."
9:49 "I hope that humanity will win (the A.I. Arms Race).  If it will be an Arms Race, between the West and China, then whoever wins, Humanity will be the loser."
Yuval Noah Harari on humanity’s divine potential and an AI arms race
October 4th, 2018