The Singularity - what is it, and when will it happen?


How NOT to become posthuman

Unless you like risking your life & health, for a dream

Transcending the Human, DIY style


Grand challenges in Global Health

Results not so grand, so far


A cute vending machine that buys you a drink

Automating the sales of a coke.


Tinkering with the brain-computer interface

Another evolutionary step along the way to a cyber-human.

Tinkering with wearable robotics, and the brain


Wanna be a six-million dollar man, for a discount?

Call the Lockheed Human Augmentation department


What do you do, when you can't walk?

Suit up:


I Pad, You Pad, Everybody Pad

The people have spoken - the right balance of miniaturization and convenience

(Apple deserves a <ahem> 'pad' on the back)


Come here and gimme some sugar, honey

Or not.

Blocking fragments of a sugar molecule promotes wound healing


Faster but not smarter

- not yet


The world in 2036

What will break, and what will fail


The Bed of Procrustes

Interview about Taleb's Aphorisms book.


Streamlining cancer diagnosis

This is where medicine is going

New imaging technique accurately finds cancer cells, fast


Will online learning replace traditional classes?

Count on it.

Online learning and traditional schooling


Worried about your job being outsourced to foreigners?

Don't worry; it will probably be outsourced to domestic robots.  Do you feel better now?

Heartland's robots


Eager for 3D TV?

Slow down.  It's not Virtual Reality, after all.  You might want to wait a while...

New technology adds new dimensions to purchases


Exercise is supposed to 'slow down' aging.  But why?

Looks like stem cells will be in the news, again

Why older people who exercise age more gracefully


You're driving me up the wall

Toy vehicles that drive left and right - and up and down?!?  Yep:

RC Tron Light Cycle drives on walls and ceilings


Acupunture seems to make a difference

Take two needles, and call me in the morning.

Acupuncture Changes Brain's Perception and Processing of Pain, Researchers Find


Humans and computers - us against them

Not necessarily:

Computers Get Help from the Human Brain


Just cause you don't remember clearly, doesn't mean you're a numbskull

What's the relationship between short-term accurate memory and intelligence?  Possibly none.

Clarity in Short-Term Memory Shows No Link With IQ


Mysterious planet

Not transhuman-related, but interesting and a little scary.   Why can't those comets leave poor us alone?  Here's one guess:

Dark Jupiter May Haunt Edge of Solar System


Brooke Greenberg: the 16-year-old fountain of youth

A young girl who refuses to age - and succeeds at it.

You have to check this out one.  This kid even had a brain tumor, and the tumor just disappeared.


Mobile Ultrasound

Partnering on-the-spot ultrasound, with cell-phones

Ultrasound Gets More Portable


Confusing Marilyn and Michael

or Clinton and Bush, for that matter...

Exploring advanced biofeedback

Controlling individual cortical nerve cells by human thought


The brain is the priority

Life extension is a humane and noble activity, but perhaps a priority shift is in order:

Why Life extensionists need to be concerned about Neurological Diseases


Technologically blessed, but economically screwed

Continued entitlement spending - one of the downsides of life extension:

The Financial Time Bomb of Longer Lives


Cancer treatement starting to heat up

An alternative to chemo

Nanoparticle thermotherapy as a chemotherapy alternative


Molecular movement videos

They aren't what they seem

(Summarily, nanotech machines don't really move as smoothly as the online videos suggest.  The motion is much more random)

The videos lie because they must