Transhuman Reflections
Not much more to say, right now.  Unless Virtual Reality or a related form of psychological healing comes along, we're screwed; we will do ourselves in, and probably are.

Politics is virtually hopeless in the U.S.  It's all a game, the candidates are hand-picked, third-party candidates and independents are trivialized by law. 

Politically, the only hope is in movements similar to Occupy Wall Street.  Unfortunately, the power structure is built to protect itself at all costs, and that means casualities on the side of dissidents.

There is some light, in the Maker Movement, and in biohacking efforts.  Lots of creative people, some working together, some following a solo vision.  I think, technologically, this is where our salvation will come from. 

My own interest currently, is in the interaction between humans and their software, in what happens when there is a smooth feedback loop, a 'flow', between a thinking human and software &  data. 

In this context, computer power & speed is less important than the human element.  - Meaning, that if the external software is too fast or too slow, so that the human side is either impatient or overwhelmed, then the flow is broken.